What Is The Gap In The Unemployment Figures?

6th September 2009

There is a large gap between two very important sets of figures from within the UK’s job market. Firstly the official figure for unemployment in the UK, is 7.8% and stands at around 2.4 million people. The other important figure is the number of people claiming Job Seekers Allowance or JSA, which has increased to 1.58 million in July 09, but why is there such a gap between these two measures of unemployment? One theory is that people who have marketable skills are finding themselves in the position to focus on their abilities and experience rather than a specific job role. The employed are forced into looking at alternatives to a specific job role and many are taking this opportunity to work as a contractor and self employed. Therefore would count as unemployed due to not having filed a tax return as of yet. With many of the country’s work force now internet savvy and able to work from home via the internet, this could be the start of a new chapter in low cost recruitment, as they will need to be affordable for small businesses that are looking to grow and larger companies looking to recruit.