Youth Drop Out Rate Rising In England

6th September 2009

The total number of young people (ages 16-24) that are not in employment or any kind of training or education has risen to above 930,000 for the whole of England. The highest rates of which, are actually in the west midlands. The figures had shown a steady level since 2001, of 14%, and now they have increased to 16%, over the first three months of 2009. This is a worrying trend among young people, because one in five of them is unemployed and not in training. The future looks fairly bleak with more older workers, who have years of experience and skills, actively being encouraged to stay in the workplace for longer. This means the youth will have a real battle getting into the job market in the first place, without even thinking about what age they will have to retire at. Young people have recently been pushed down the education root by the government, but would an education best help them in this current job climate? In a study of students interviewed by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills they found an increase in those working who have successfully completed their courses in education. The number jumped from 44% in 2007 to 53% to 2008, so certainly seems encouraging but how much of this is down to the current job market? If you are looking to find a career path then can help you find the job you are looking for.