An Ageing Workforce With Hidden Benefits

13th October 2009

A new research paper looking into the employment market with fresh perspective, shows just how an ageing workforce can give you benefits that have been overlooked previously. Officially, retirement age has been set to increase to aged 70 and even 75, so getting used to the idea of an older workforce now will help companies prepare for their own work force to age. Older workers can be such a valuable asset to a company, with not just experience to offer but versatility in order for your company to get the best out of them, as a new breed of worker.

An older worker is more likely to be flexible and easier to manage than a younger worker, they also are happier to work alone and would be more likely to volunteer for leading roles within a workplace. They require less general guidance and have more common sense. Being older gives you greater social confidence and gives you the ability to build meaningful and supportive relationships with people they have contact with in the work environment, including other staff, managers, but crucially clients and suppliers.

Due to the fact that they are older and have achieved some of their life goals, they do tend to be less ambitious but this means they are more methodical and relaxed with what they are actually doing, they are certainly more in the moment.

If you need to recruit staff both young and old then finding the best candidate will always come at a price but it don’t pay traditional agency fees just simply pay a small one off fixed fee recruitment price in order to find your next perfect employee.