Microsoft Have Launched A New Skills Campaign

13th October 2009

Microsoft, the global principle force in the IT business, has launched a new campaign to encourage people to boost their IT skills. They have pledged to help half a million people in the UK into employment by 2013. The campaign called ‘Britain Works’ will include a nationwide apprenticeship scheme as well as a new skills and employment training service, with a job match facility included. Microsoft’s head of skills and economic affairs, Stephen Uden, acknowledged this was to try and help the expected 3 million unemployed in the UK next year, in order to help stop the rise in unemployment.

Microsoft will be working with around 32,000 companies of various sizes, to access the funding available from the government, to assist in training their new staff to fight against the skills gap which is currently being experienced in the UK. At least 3,000 apprenticeships will be in place by 2012, following a highly successful trial based in the West Midlands, that has been running since April this year.

Although this is great news, that a massive investment in skills in the UK is just around the corner, it doesn’t necessarily help those facing unemployment right now. If you need to find a new job or are a small business looking to save money and pay a one off flat fee for a vacancy then come to where we specialise in helping business of all sizes save money with low cost recruitment.