Recruitment Drives Happening Nationwide- Do You Know Where To Look?

13th October 2009

There is an economic downturn and jobs are getting more difficult to find, but Jersey has increased its health budget by 1.3m, in order to improve recruitment in nursing. Guernsey has filled all 145 vacancies in their schools before the term had even started!

In Derby, they have had to hold recruitment days in their newly opened hospital to fill vacancies before it opens fully in May 2010. In North Suffolk and Norfolk, they have recruited 40 new mental health workers by taking part in a job fair.

Recruitment drives are still happening, they just might not be in your previous area of skill or employment, but keeping up to speed on local jobs fairs and recruitment drives may help you find the job you are looking for.

If you have a specific skill and the jobs market is stronger in a particular area, relocating to find work in that area may be a better option for you at this time.

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