What Can You Do To Help You Get A New Job? Get A New Look!

13th October 2009

A survey of 1,000 workers from all over the European Union has confirmed that nearly fifty per cent of people looking for work, will change an aspect of their appearance in preparation, for looking for a new job. That is not including, simply dressing up for an interview, this is a new outfit or a hair style in preparation for the interview stage.

Some people changed their weight or bought new shoes to change their height and some of the items changed were to make people look older or younger. Nearly 10% had tried to lose weight, 6% changed their hair colour or style, and another 6% had changed their facial features such as teeth whitening or make up.

One third changed their social bookmarking sites to try and appear more professional as some employers do look for their potential employee on sites such as face book and twitter. For some genuinely helpful tips and advice on re-skilling, CV writing and interview tips then join the flat fee recruitment services agency, RecruitmentRevolution.com