Has Your Business Done Enough To Protect Your Staff?

2nd November 2009

Protection of you business information is becoming more important for business at all levels, a simple hack to a shared server can often mean thousands of pounds lost income if the website goes down but the financial loss is only the beginning. Apart from the loss of faith from customers forced to wait for your website or IT systems to come back online, there is also the strong chance that you business information has been put into the hands of some very unscrupulous people.

Identity theft and fraud is becoming more of a threat in the UK and it is not just your customer’s information that can be found, your staff’s information can be just as easily accessed, so ensuring that you have the appropriate level of security in place within you business is essential. Using security software and having passwords in place is essential for business whatever your size.

This is more than the IT aspect of security, the physical aspect should also be considered in terms of building security, locks and cameras. Shredding unwanted documents that could be used to take customers or staff details is also important as a business practice, as well as the safe disposal of those shredded documents.

If you are uncertain about levels of security, then seek professional advice or think about employing an IT specialist in order to help with these issues. RecruitmentRevolution.com offers IT low cost recruitment for a fixed fee meaning your business will save from the traditional agency model.