Is It Too Early To Declare A Recovery?

9th November 2009

According to Ernst and Young it is. Predictions have been made that show economic growth will occur during the second half of this year but does this mean that the economy is on the road to recovery? The same prediction has shown the growth to be fairly insignificant, considering if it was to continue at the same rate into 2010 then throughout 2010 the growth would be less than 1%.

Most small businesses are feeling optimistic about their success next year, with over 70% of small businesses polled by BT Business Research (out of 7,000 small businesses) expecting an upturn for next year and over 60% feeling confident about survival over the next 18 months.

This shows that small businesses have been quite resilient and not effected as severely as expected by this recession and some have even seen growth and profit going against the predicted doom and gloom. If you are a small business and you are looking to expand you company with the best, qualified staff then can take care of all you flat fee recruitment needs.