Is It Worth Having A PA In A Small Business?

9th November 2009

Most small businesses are forced into being very cost aware and driven by financial indicators of business and the thought of employing someone, who simply helps thing run more smoothly, may seem to be a high price. However business leaders in the UK, have recently been surveyed about the day to day running of their business and have overwhelmingly encouraged the use of PAs.

Over 50% of business leaders surveyed (out of 100,000) said their PA has meant their business was more than 40% more effective, as a direct result of having a PA. This role seems to be defined by a person who can organise and prioritise the needs of a business on a minute by minute basis and effectively continuously problem solve. Deborah Meaden, from Dragons Den said “I suspect that bosses who do not believe that having a PA improves their own performance, either has the wrong PA or has not yet learnt the benefits of utilising them fully.”

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