Vauxhall Jobs Saved At Ellesmere Port and Luton

25th November 2009

A deal has been struck with the new owners of Vauxhall, Magna to save around 600 jobs at the car manufacturing plants of Ellesmere Port and Luton. It was originally thought that up to 1,200 jobs would go, so Unite and the Government have done well to half the amount that was originally planned and Lord Mandleson said "a much better deal than was offered to us in the first place".

Unite have agreed to a two year pay freeze for the workers continuing at the plant, along with some other cost saving initiatives and voluntary redundancies that will be offered to staff.

Tony Woodley, Joint General Secretary of Unite said this move should give “both plants job security and a future through to 2013, providing a good basis for a long-term future beyond that," which is positive news for the car manufacturing industry in the UK.

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