Youth Given A Chance In Clackmanshire

25th November 2009

As part of the government backed initiative to enhance the working lives of the young and unemployed, over 70 jobs have been created in the Clackmanshire region. This will give the jobless youths a well deserved chance to prove themselves in the six months they will be guaranteed employment, albeit on a part time basis. This can give young people a little leg up on to the employment ladder, in order to prove that they can be dedicated and hardworking, which should increase their chances of full time employment in the future.

Some young people have no references except for work experience and cannot find a part time job in this tough job market, as they have to compete with more experienced and maturity in other candidates. Even youth, with experience and relevant qualifications, can be overlooked simply because there are so many highly skilled and experienced workers competing for the same positions at the same price.

Using an online recruitment agency can help if you are struggling to find your ideal position as they can match your skills to job vacancies.