Isle Of Man Employment is the Highest In Its History

12th December 2009

The Isle of Man is enjoying the highest rate of employment since records began but it still has an increasing level of unemployment, currently standing at 2.3%. So what’s going on?

Tom Brown, the Chief Minister on the Isle of Man, told the Chamber of Commerce that the economy is resilient in the face of global recession and that 42,000 people were employed. There are many people who commute to the Isle of Man and work on the Isle, which is why their employment level is increasing at the same time as their unemployment figures.

"There are continuing positive developments in a range of our sectors including e-gaming, shipping, tourism, aircraft registration and manufacturing," stated Tom Brown, he promises to continue to rise to the challenges presented by the current economic crisis. He will not get complacent and will continue to help the people who live and work on the Isle of Man every opportunity to find work.
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