Going Against The Unemployment Trend Is The Older Woman

23rd December 2009

There is a rise in unemployment in every section of society, from youngsters, to experienced professionals to tradesmen and older males but not the females.

So why is this specific demographic, women over 50, been successful during this economic crisis? Is it that with their partners not working they have been able to find part or full time work in a different area than that of their partners? Are they filling some of the jobs that have been traditionally filled by people from other countries or students and companies are able to take advantage of the saturated job market and hire more experienced workers?

There is a general increase across the board in women taking up part or full time work as there has been an increase of 86,000 women in work. Over 4% more than this time last year but it is the women over 50 who have really been able to find suitable and agreeable employment during this time.

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