Is The Recession Making Us Hungry?

23rd December 2009

Just the thought of empty cupboards makes me want to eat and unfortunately during this recession, there are many people unable to completely fill their cupboards. This had serious ramifications to the ways in which we eat, what we eat and where we go to eat.

It has been noted that even during this difficult financial time, take out companies are doing a roaring trade and people, rather than eating out at a restaurant, will have a take-out instead. This is simply because eating and drinking at home is cheaper, even with a take-out, then going to a restaurant. If people do stretch to going to a restaurant, then they are opting to go at times when offers are on, like all you can eat buffets or buy one get one free on meals at lunch times for example.

The other thing to have changed is where people shop and many are trying the low budget retailers like Aldi, Cool Trader and Iceland, who are known for being inexpensive. What people are choosing to eat has also changed as many are opting for more high carbohydrate meals such as pizza, pasta and balti’s.
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