The Oldest Paper Girl In The UK Still Delivering After 40 Years

30th December 2009

A Great Grandmother from Gloucester, Beryl Walker has been happily employed for the last 40 years as a paper girl and at 84 years old, she is the oldest paper girl in the UK. Come rain or shine Beryl gets up at the crack of dawn to start her morning round, for six days out of the week and has only recently started to take her annual holiday.

With the exception of a few days off sick when she fell of her bike, she is the most reliable and consistent member of staff in the paper delivering industry.

Beryl believes she can’t give up her round even though she is well over the age for retirement because youngsters simply will not do a reliable enough job. She admits the papers have got a little heavier over the years but doesn’t mind and will not let that slow her down as some of her regular customers can even set their time by her!

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