There Are Signs Of Growth In The UK Retail Market

30th December 2009

This is good news for the whole country that even though the recession is still going, there are signs that UK consumers are starting to spend in the UK high streets again. Are these simply people getting in some early Christmas shopping, or is this another sign that the recession may be slowing?

Sales figures in October have risen at the fastest rate since May 2008, according to official government statistics. The ONS (Office for National Statistics) has recorded an increase of 3.4% on the statistics from this time last year and sales were up 0.4% from September’s figures. Certainly the postal strikes have effected Christmas shopping, by ensuring people are starting a bit earlier to make sure they receive everything before Christmas, which is why the actual on-line sales figures are up 15.8% on October 2008 on-line sales.

The main increases were in areas such as clothing and shoes and some of the increase was due to people actually celebrating Halloween this year. As it fell on a Saturday and was in half term for the children, so people actually went to events and dressed up.

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