Progress on race equality but more action needed in employment

18th January 2010

The Government has re-affirmed its commitment to tackling race inequality and set out plans to build on the significant achievements by pledging to tackle inequality wherever it exists.
Communities Secretary John Denham published Tackling Race Inequality: A Statement on Race. This document details the consistent progress that has been made to tackle racism and secure race equality in recent years, highlights the remaining challenges and the need to broaden the focus of equalities work to respond to new and emerging issues.

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber welcomed the move but warned more action was needed.

"In particular in the private sector, employers are not required to promote race equality, just to avoid discrimination which relies on individuals pursuing complaints against employers before anything is done.”

"With instances of jobseekers with non-English sounding names not being selected for interview and black and Asian employees complaining of being passed over for promotion, an extension of the equality duty into the private sector would make those employers whose discriminatory views belong to another century change the way they operate."

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