Unpaid overtime seen as the norm for UK workers

8th January 2010

Unpaid overtime is a normal part of office life for the majority of UK workers, a survey by Monster.co.uk has revealed. A huge 56% of us regularly work overtime and don’t expect extra pay. A dismal 7% of people polled said that their managers encouraged them to leave on time, and only 12% said that working overtime was the exception rather than the rule.

Monster.co.uk recently asked 2,836 workers throughout the UK, “Is overtime considered the norm in your workplace?” The main findings are as follows:

• 56% Yes, everyone does it and we don’t receive any extra pay/holiday
• 25% Yes, but we get paid extra if we do it
• 12% It is an exception rather than the rule
• 7% No, our managers encourage us to leave on time

This article was taken from its original source, here.

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