Half of British women still feel unequal in workplace - From Recruitment Today

8th March 2010

Women still claim to face inequalities in their companies, according to a survey conducted by Monster.co.uk. Almost half (47%) of respondents polled believe that a glass ceiling still exists for women in the workplace and that men are favoured for promotions.

Only 15% of women who participated in the survey believed that men and women have equal job opportunities in their company. The figure is significantly lower than that of men - 38% of male respondents believe that men and women do receive equal opportunities.

The following tips may help women progress in the workplace and stand out:

* Women are expert multi-taskers, and are great at listening. Successful businesses rely on a range of different skills from all employees;
* Let your performance speak for itself
* Strong time management skills can boost the quality of your work. If your employer offers flexible working hours use them effectively.

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