Mud wrestling pole dancers only need apply - From Recruitment Today

16th March 2010

Candidates should stop giving details of their hobbies and interests on CVs.

Technical recruitment company NES said personal interests were not appropriate on CVs when applying for professional roles such as a marketing job position.

Though it is assumed they spark an interesting conversation, they are often entirely unrelated to the position and can prompt employers to have preconceived opinions about individuals.
Lee Knowles, UK regional director for NES Group, said this was a definite no-no and was up there with incorrect spellings and "fabrications of the truth".

Knowles said: "While sharing details of your personal hobbies may seem like it gives 'colour' to a CV, it can backfire by prompting employers to make a judgement about you.
"It is best to avoid steering into this territory by keeping your CV factual and professional. This way you know employers stay focused on the important content and are swayed by your professional expertise and not your extra curricular activity."

Knowles cited a series of horror stories to back this up, with candidates listing taxidermy, mud wrestling and even pole dancing among their hobbies on CVs.
"While these interests certainly raise an eyebrow," he said, "it’s not necessarily for the right reasons."

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