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30th April 2010

More than 100 people have applied for the job of Prime Minister after it was advertised on a public sector recruitment site

Acting on behalf of employer "Run The Country ltd", the job ad says the "successful candidate will be entrusted with:

If you are a business looking to hire someone, don’t pay traditional agency fees and instead consider paying a low, flat fee upon successful recruit of a candidate.

* Rubbing shoulders with big-wigs and heavyweights in international business and world politics or whoever else needs keeping sweet;
* Listening to conflicting advice on a range of matters. However, the successful candidate will have 15 special advisors to assist the decision making process;
* Developing strong working relationships with the music industry, who will dictate digital copyright policy in Britain on behalf of your chosen Government;
* Adopting a youth friendly image together with a knowledge of X-Factor contestants, current sporting fixtures and quotes from the movie "SuperBad"– it would be helpful if the candidate had a special gift to warrant appearance on Britain’s got Talent".

"Essential" skills and qualities include:

* Good contacts in the world of business, trade unions and environmental pressure groups;
* Easy to impersonate;
* Thick skinned enough to ignore personal attacks;
* Attend weekly televised meetings at which all policy decisions will be publicly reviewed/ridiculed;
* The ability to build, re-build and re-build again the team of support staff and Ministers.

Benefits and perks include "entitlements for a chauffeur, private jet use, a clothing allowance, and anything else you might fancy" - and the fact that "previous incumbents have attained millionaire status in a very short period of time".

The tongue-in-cheek advert has attracted a flood of applicants despite its demanding hours: "five year, fixed-term contract 24/7/365, or more as required".
Haylee Corfield, marketing manager at JobsGoPublic, said: "We’ve got some brilliant applications from some highly-qualified candidates. One applicant described their current responsibilities as 'castle moat and duck house procurement'. We’ve even had former heads of state put down as referees."

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