Attitudes need to change on temporary work

19th May 2010

In the recession that we are facing, it is an inevitable fact that more people will end up working in part-time or temporary positions. This is because employers are being more cautious about hiring new staff during these hard economic times. However, more flexible employment options such as part-time and temporary work is one of the reasons that unemployment in the UK has not reached levels that are seen in other European countries.

This can also be beneficial to workers, as once the market starts to stabilise, temporary workers will have gained experience and contacts necessary to progress in the job market and eventually land permanent employment opportunities.

It is also necessary to avoid assumptions that those who are working part-time or on a temporary basis are doing so because they weren't able to find full-time work. help businesses to hire full time Sales staff and with a flat fee sales recruitment , it is cost effective as well.

Temporary workers can be found in any position, such as IT specialists, interim managers, etc. Many have actually chosen to do temporary work because of better pay and more flexibility. The vast majority of staff hired on a temporary basis actually have lots of experience in their fields, many having worked in senior positions. They are also able to start working on projects immediately and are able to complete the job quickly and with minimal supervision.

It is no longer true that full-time employment is the only "viable" type of work.

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