British Jobseekers Are Now Dressing for the Part

7th June 2010

How a jobseeker dressed for an interview in the past was not as important as it is in the current job market. Jobs were plentiful and it may not have made as much of a difference as it does at present. However, the savvy job candidate recognises that in today’s economy, they need every little edge they can get.

Interviewees were polled on the length of time it took to get dressed for an interview. Almost 90% of both men and women claimed they now take at least two to three hours before they are satisfied with the results.

Previously, they may not have worried so much about ironing their clothes, wearing ties, or matching shoes with darker, professional colours. Consequently, today’s potential employee understands the need to dress for success.
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Many reported that dressing for an evening out on the town used to be high on their list of priorities, but that is no longer the case. The respondents feel that in this competitive job market, they need to make every effort to impress their potential boss in order to close the gap between evenly matched candidates.

Employers were polled to find out if this trend makes a difference in the hiring process. Older employers stated that they were glad to see jobseekers making the effort, and that it immediately places them ahead of people who were not as conscientious.

Their younger counterparts reported that appearances were important, but did not play as much of a part in the decision-making process. Commitment, professionalism and mannerisms were paramount to them. - Flat Fee Recruitment at its best