Children of Chile to Learn How to Search for Jobs

25th June 2010

The Royal Mail Group is once again playing an integral role in helping other disadvantaged communities by donating over 3,000 pre-owned computers to Computer Aid International, an IT charity. Computer Aid will in turn refurbish these machines and extend their lifespan by at least years.

These newly remodelled computers will be donated to the children of Chile, who otherwise would never have been able to learn to search for jobs and browse careers online. They now have the opportunity to realise their dreams of future recruitment.

The Computer Aid chief executive, Tony Roberts, said, “By donating its PCs to Computer Aid, Royal Mail Group is playing a vital role in enabling disadvantaged and developing communities to improve their education and employment prospects.”

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Moreover, every single machine will allow at least 60 children to train for a vocation of computer literacy, and provides interaction with today’s technology, giving them the opportunity to rise above their community’s poverty level, thereby, breaking the cycle of desperation and hopelessness.

Tony Roberts went further by saying, “We urge other organisations to follow Royal Mail Group's lead; donating equipment for re-use is free, easy and offers organisations guarantees with compliance in e-waste legislation."

Computer Aid International has provided at least 160,000 Computer PCs to various hospitals, schools and other community projects to countries like Rwanda and Zambia. - online recruitment agency