UK Faces the Latest Recruitment Scam

18th June 2010

Most people are by now wise to fraudulent email letters and other Internet scams, but now comes Britain’s latest wave of criminals. The depressed economy is playing right into these fraudster's greed as they take advantage of hopeful job seekers by spamming them with employment offers.

People in search of a new career are being lured in by seemingly genuine job offers with bogus titles like “Finance Assistant” or “Local Manager.” However, they are receiving them from reputable, but unsuspecting dot-com career websites. 

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It works like this: People post their resume on a valid career site, criminals cruise for emails; the job seeker opens a cleverly worded employment offer. Much like the Nigerian email scams, these “jobs” recruit people by having them accept counterfeit or stolen funds into their bank account and forwarding it to the fraudsters using Western Union or Moneygram.

They sweeten the deal by giving a monthly salary and a “commission.” Promises of promotions and travel expenses serve to make it sound more legit to the exited candidate.

The unfortunate people who have fallen for this ultimately have their accounts frozen. In some extreme cases, face jail charges.

The current job market is causing even the most intelligent people to put away common sense. If it looks and feels “not quite right,” it probably isn’t.

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