Which is Better? Job Advancement or Salary?

25th June 2010

Apparently, graduates are now seeking jobs that offer better training and are more interesting, rather than pay well. The 2010 Job survey reports that big salaries are not drawing crowds like they used to.

Earlier this year, a British-based online recruitment career report surveyed 15,000 recently hired graduates. Surprisingly, over half claimed they were satisfied with their relatively low pay; they were more concerned with other features.

Research found that approximately 20% loved their new jobs because the organisations were stable and offered richer opportunities to move up the recruiting chain, with about 17% happy because their careers were not monotonous or tedious.

Another 15% considered location to be an important factor to career satisfaction, while 6% touted good training to be what kept them employed there. However, only about 5% of the new hires regarded their pay level as the attraction.

Compared to the latest results in 2009, the new crop of graduating employees are more content with co-workers, upper level management and feel more valued within the workplace.

One can take from this survey that new job seekers are more interested in a healthier work-life balance. They stating that they work hard, but maintain an even keel between their career, family and friendships.

Consequently, this current group of talent is not seeking fabulous pay above a stimulating and interesting career. It may be that they are on to something.

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