Work Overtime? You May Be Putting Your Heart at Risk

7th June 2010

For those who work a normal eight-hour shift, you may live longer than people who regularly work overtime. In fact, more than a 50% face a higher risk of death.

These findings come from an online study from the European Heart Journal. The research was conducted on both genders. While alcohol consumption and smoking were contributing factors, overtime is said to cause heart attacks, disease, angina, and in many cases, death.

The researchers explained that these people have less time to exercise. On the other end of the spectrum, they do not rest or unwind when given the opportunity. They are often depressed, stressed and anxious about deadlines and bills.

For decades, men had the unique burden of carrying the load; however, many women now play many roles by running huge corporations, homes and families. Financial obligations often force them into taking on additional hours in the office, and it’s killing them.

“They often work even when ill,” they add. The study showed that it is most often the “Type A” personality who is aggressive, motivated and driven.

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These reports connect the links between overtime and heart problems, but until researchers completely understand how to balance out our lives and careers, they suggest taking the stairs, eating fruit and walking after lunch.

Employers need to be aware of these risks and evaluate those who may be possible contenders for heart diseases and make changes to stave off the risks.

Occupational health doctors have said for years that our work life plays a huge role in our well-being. Perhaps it is time to start listening to them.
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