Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel for the UK?

21st July 2010

Is there finally some hope shining on the UK job and career market? According to the surveys taken from several recruitment agencies, there is.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation has reported “marginal increases” in successful appointments during the last two months. They reported that this is the first positive news they have seen in the two years.

They stressed that the career increase was encouraging. However, it was too early to tell whether the figures foretold of a permanent upswing, or the end of the debilitating recession.

Several economic surveys have been in the works that have been even more optimistic concerning the prospective job seeker, but the chief correspondent, Hugh Pym, calls it “bumping along at the bottom,” at best.

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson believes that UK will eventually come out of the recession, but warns that there are going to be many more hurdles to jump.

He went on to say, “"I think the signs are that it is [coming out of recession], but there is always a risk of a second recessionary dip," he told the BBC.

The latest Markit Economic report states that number of recruitment vacancies is easing slightly, and the pay decline has slowed in the last year.

Kevin Green, the chief executive of the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) said, "It seems that employers are becoming more confident in their hiring decisions."

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