Job Seekers Continue to Jump Through More Hoops

14th July 2010

In the future, job seekers will be required to undergo even more rigorous testing in order to snag that much sought-after career.

British recruitment agencies report that by 2011, job applicants will be required to fill out a psychometric evaluation, as well as their application. The exam determines self-confidence, initiative, general intelligence, attention and reaction times.

According to the companies listed to implement these tests, they cite that sifting through the hundreds of job applicants is time consuming and does not give hiring managers a balanced measurement of how strongly environment realities match up with the career the applicant might have in mind.

Employers state they have experienced hiring someone who may be smart and competent, but not necessarily a good performer in that career role. The tests gauge how well job seekers will perform if they are pointed toward their strengths in the capacity in which they are hired. They will be more apt to soar, enjoy what they do and ultimately, work harder.

Hiring managers will not only use these “Strength Based Tests” to identify where the new recruit’s talents lie, current upper management will also be tested to benchmark and develop their strengths and weaknesses. Their goal is for everyone to excel in their various roles.

It would appear that these “practical” intelligence exams are the next wave used to whittle down the competition.

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