Job Seekers Need to "Step Up Their Game"

14th July 2010

Lately, some British recruitment managers are wondering if they are perhaps the butt of practical jokers with hidden cameras as they interview job candidates.

Daniel Wycraft, manager of a financial institution suspects he may be the latest target of the popular MTV show in the U.S. called “Punk’d.”

The supervisor said: “With all the information out there on how to conduct oneself whist on an interview, it is amazing that nearly half of the job hopefuls do not know how to answer even the simplest of questions.”

He went on the say that, “He is frequently shocked at the major blunders he has witnessed recently, and that the latest crop of job seekers are making the most elementary mistakes and do not take interviews seriously enough.”

“You would imagine that these career-minded U.K. kids would be more ‘on top of their game,’ in terms on how to act, dress and communicate.”

According to Mr. Wycraft, some of the more obvious no-no’s are when the interviewees bring children along-without offering up an excuse as to why. They come in smelling of cigarettes and sporting misspelled resumes.

Glaringly apparent faux pas such as low-cut tops, tight jeans, outlandish make-up and over-the-top piercings and tattoos are rampant.

“Some even bring mom and dad along, and try to intervene regarding pay negotiations. I’ve received emails demanding to know why their offspring was not hired.” – Flat Fee Recruitment