Are the British Labour Job-Compromising Too Much

30th August 2010

In post-meltdown Britain, the normal business way of thinking has been turned upside down as nothing is the same, nor is anything for sure anymore. However, while businesses may be scrambling for their footing, for job seekers, the road ahead may not be easy to tread for a very long time.

In the past, some UK MD’s were out of touch with their employees, but are now starting to reinvent themselves to be better connected, more creative and flexible so that they may retain workers and not recruit as often.

Many employees are feeling the pressure to perform their jobs at top capacity, or feel the axe. They are expected to do the work of three people, as other job hopefuls will most certainly work for less money.

Meanwhile, the typical job seeker’s talent, training and ability to adapt may mean the difference between career failure or success. Gone are the days when a career-minded individual could write his or her own job description, nor do they coin the phrase, “It’s not my job” as often.

Employers want long-term career workers to learn every skill, play all parts, and do whatever it will take to get the job done. Will the pendulum ever start to swing back to the new recruits? Let the games begin.

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