Dreaming of High-Flying Careers

12th August 2010

How “high” would you like to be? According to the latest “dream job” poll taken this month, 69% of them said becoming an astronaut and exploring the universe would be what they would choose if they could have any career they wanted.

When asked what the second best job would be, being a doctor and helping people ranked after traveling into space.

Coming in next on the career scale at 61% as the sexiest and most powerful job ever was a pilot, while being a professional sportsman ranked slightly less at only 58%.

The poll did state that while many dreamed of becoming a pilot, their fear of flying made it impossible. The males fancied being football stars, the women wanted to be tennis pros.

The next most popular careers were singer, journalist, fire-fighter and detective.

When asked, “What job would you least like to be recruited into,” almost 65% stated that their idea of the worst job would be to be the Prime Minster. The most obvious reason was the responsibility level, along with having to be accountable to everyone.

In these economic times, perhaps it is no surprise that we consider being an astronaut a great career. We can have a dream job, and fulfil our childhood fantasies of being a hero.

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