Even Government Employees Have it Tough

2nd August 2010

Andre Malu, a payroll career administrator in the government will serve two years in prison for stealing expenses from a man on the job who had died a few years earlier.

He was cheating the Department of Health and the Ministry of Justice out of more than £137,000 by posting the cash to several accounts under false names.

Malu was responsible for all claims and expenses for the Mental Health Review Tribunal member. When these expenditures from the tribunals were sent to the Ministry of Justice, the employee continued to fleece the government.

Malu put a total of £137, 285.80 into the fake accounts, and then altered the fraudulent payments. He continued to recruit these practices from 2005 through 2008 before his schemes were discovered.

Mick Hayes, the Operational Fraud Manager of the NHS, uncovered Malu’s deeds, saying, "This is a good example of the convictions that are achieved through our close working with the Police and investigators in government departments.

"All suspicions of fraud against the Department of Health should be reported to the NHS Counter Fraud Service. Wherever appropriate, we will thoroughly investigate, press for prosecution and push for the strongest sanctions."

Needless to say, Malu was discharged from his job and pled guilty to two counts of concealment of criminal property and theft.

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