New Hope for Job Hopefuls

12th August 2010

According to the last HR study, UK’s job marketplace is on an uphill swing; in fact, almost 30percent of business owners anticipate an increase of job openings before the New Year.

Even more encouraging, the study found that over half (52percent) of the people who are already employed have been approached by other business owners with job offers within this past year. Is the job market so hyper-competitive now that companies feel as though they have to poach talent from other employers?

The findings suggest that it is mainly people in the workforce elite, such as those in management. Employers may need to put a workforce strategy together before their best and brightest employees move on to better career opportunities.

Larger organisations are most at risk of losing individuals with jobs in engineering, business development and consulting. In addition, their employees who are between the ages of 25 to 33 years of age are the one’s most often in demand.

This can only be a good thing for up and coming university graduates and job seekers. Even now, managers are trying to balance their business’s financial gains against investing more into the needs of their employees, lest they seek other career options.

Is the ball finally in the job seeker’s court?

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