You Can't Keep a Good Country Down

12th August 2010

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) announced that the latest economic study for the last quarter of 2009 showed the UK could be on the “brink of leaving recession."

Reports show that the retail industry, while still struggling, is gathering steam and getting stronger and showing much resilience, especially in the manufacturing and service stores.

Retail sales have risen by almost 4.3% during the last month, mainly due to a rebound in shopper confidence.

When the BCC said, “The BCC says UK productivity could be hit if sharp falls in business capital spending are not reversed,” Brits took it to heart and were determined to recover and land on their feet.

Moreover, the BCC says the 1% increase to Employers' National Insurance Contributions plan for 2011 should never happen, in light of the increase in manufacturing and retail sales.

The Director General of the BCC, David Frost, was quoted as saying: “Businesses are showing resilience despite difficult and uncertain trading conditions,"

He went on to say, "Confidence is improving, and the boost in exports must be nurtured in order to strengthen Britain's trade position globally, and to help re-balance the economy away from an over-reliance on the public sector." It would seem that we are once again rebounding and working together to ease our economic woes.

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