Ageism a Reoccurring and Persistent Barrier

23rd September 2010

The latest survey brought to us by the Employment Tribunals is not good news for job seekers that are in their mid-thirties. Just in the past year, age discrimination has increased by almost 40% compared to previous years.

Furthermore, once someone is actively seeking a job in their forties they may be considered “over the hill” or worse yet, “washed up” by the employment industry.

The report stated that workers in their mid-forties who had previously had enjoyed lucrative, satisfying careers stayed unemployed longer compared to their younger counterparts.

Research has found no reasonable relationship between career performance and age; so, why all the age discrimination claims and angst? Are they unfounded?

According to the ones doing the hiring, the older, more experienced job seeker is more of an expense than a younger candidate is. When recruiting an older worker, they demand pensions, too many sick days and higher salaries.

If you are middle-aged or older, keep in mind that you are not alone: By the year 2018, it said that anyone over the age of 55 and unemployed would hit almost 40 million; alternatively, that same age crowd that are employed, will postpone retirement because of the stressed economy.

In age related discrimination in the workplace career cases, almost £50,000 was the maximum amount awarded, while the median of successful cases was closer to £6,000. a flat fee recruitment company