Are We Giving Up Too Much for Our Careers?

29th September 2010

Do you blame the breakdown of your relationship on your job? Half of Britain does. The current job market influences us in more ways than financially, it would seem.

The latest job poll investigated how our careers impact our private lives. It revealed that employees were so anxious about losing their jobs that they committed themselves solely to their career, ultimately sacrificing their mate’s happiness.

Almost 1,500 adults were polled and asked: “Has your job ever caused the loss of your romantic relationship?” Over half answered yes, 30% said it had not, and the remaining spent too much time obsessing and talking about the possibility of job loss – causing eventual discord in the household.

While the respondents cited that giving too much to their career attributed to the demise of their love life, some did admit that infidelity on the job played a huge part.

Where unfaithfulness was an issue they said that they spent more time in the office than they did at home, which was a major factor in developing inappropriate feelings for co-workers or clients.

Most people who have experienced a bad break up due to the economy understand that whilst it is good to be career-focused, it is equally vital to invest time in their personal lives. Healthy balances have positive effects in all aspects of our lives.

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