British Youth Rallies Together

29th September 2010

The Prince’s Trust is fearful for UK’s youngsters. In the past, young, fresh people were eagerly pursued in UK’s recruitment market, but since there are over two million people out of a job, the competition is even stiffer – even for those “eager to learn” young folks.

They are having a difficult time convincing employers to give their career shot in the arm. New employment statistics report that the youngest members are also the first ones cut.

Moreover, it is not only the young, disadvantaged affected, it is the poorest youngsters in deprived areas that are most vulnerable to the recession.

In response to the fallout, many young people are fighting against this latest development by becoming proactive and forming clubs within their communities. With the understanding that they will have to work even harder to find a job, they are leaning on each other to become more distinctive and attractive to a prospective employer.

Things like how to stand out during the interview process and how to effectively answer questions are just some of the techniques they discuss. They are getting out of their comfort zone by staging mock interviews with each other.

Videoing the job interview is especially helpful because they can constructively help each other if one is weaker in some areas.

There is life to be had after graduation, and Brit’s youngest members in the job market are no longer resting on their laurels.

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