It Takes a Village: A Grandparent's Job is Never Done

6th September 2010

An annual career survey conducted this year shows that 45% of working mums and dads, in addition to those who already have active careers, depend on their own parents to play a vital role in childcare responsibilities.

Other job research pointed out that of the 2,000 non-employed parents polled, only a fraction (4%) uses an Au Pair or a nanny, citing that the rising cost of childcare prevents them from going back to their previous careers. Others enlist the help of friends and family members to seek jobs.

Of the working parents polled, most agreed that having a flexible schedule, as well as a reasonable employer, determined whether or not they could re-enter the workforce.

Of the new recruits, 70% found jobs that were family-friendly. Those that found part-time jobs felt that their employers respected their childcare cost concerns. However, a vast amount of working parents felt that without their parent’s time and support, they would never have been able to contribute their family’s financial welfare, as well as to the British economy.

“Families are under increasing financial pressure and grandparents are helping to bridge the child care gap. It is time we start recognising the growing contribution of grandparents,” said the Chief Executive of Grandparents Plus, Sam Smethers.

“This survey confirms that working mums are increasingly relying on grandparents for childcare.” for Flat Fee Recruitment in the UK