Nissan Announces New Engineering Jobs in the Works

23rd September 2010

Nissan, the car maker, is looking forward to recruiting 75 apprenticeship positions, as well as many advanced job placements within the next five years. There is currently 5,000 workers employed with Nissan.

The much anticipated move is precipitated with Nissan’s announcement of the very first small model vehicle, Jukes. It will be replacing the Micra, and will be rolling off Sunderland plant’s production line mid October.

The car company also intends to broaden their educational outreach recruitment programme. This will will be highly beneficial to more than 6,000 high school students, as well as to almost 775 engineering students currently going to university. This programme was originally intended to lapse, but will now continue until 2014.

Nissan will be actively head hunting so that they may open up these new careers for the newly recruited. They primarily are looking to hire administration assistants ( and trainee maintenance technicians.

According to a spokesperson from Nissan, they will be using their official company website, local newspaper advertising, job fairs, as well as visiting and recruiting from the University of Sunderland and Gatesville College to fill these jobs.

She went on to add, “Historically, our apprentices who complete all the training are offered a job within the company, but there are never any guarantees."

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