Some Career Hopefuls Are Backing Themselves into a Financial Corner

29th September 2010

Job seekers in the UK may have to undergo additional scrutiny in the future if the use of third party testing to verify that have the required skill programme is incorporated.

A popular choice being bandied about is “third-party” testing as an “add-on” to their job application which would be available to employers, a job board centre and recruitment agencies.

These tests will allow career candidates to demonstrate how qualified they are. It will serve as a differentiator to screen out and filter job seekers.

It will weed out the candidates that perhaps are not being as truthful as they may have been in the past, when the job market was not so stressed. In addition, it will permit the “cream” to jump on the “short list.”

Recruiting and career programmes are inundated with an overage of unsuitable candidates as the hiring levels continue to drop far below average. Nevertheless, in their eagerness to acquire a job, many applicants have begun to exaggerate their degree of skill and experience.

When these applicants got the job based on a good interview and a pumped up resume, but did not perform up to speed, employers began to question what was happening. Many of the newly hired said that they figured that they were intelligent enough to “catch on” whilst learning on the job. – A low cost approach to recruitment.