Think Shallowness is Not a Part of the Workplace? Think Again

23rd September 2010

It would seem that discrimination is alive and well, according to the latest recruitment poll conducted in the UK.

The recruitment agencies’ market research revealed what some may suspect, is in fact, true. People who are more attractive are not only hired first, but also are more likely to advance faster in their careers.

Moreover, almost 70% of employers admitted to being more apt to choose an attractive person for a job over their plainer counterpart-be they male or female. Ability to perform the job came in only slightly higher.

This report investigated almost 1,500 business owners and managers to find out their reasoning behind why they award certain people jobs over others. The exact question was: “Would you give a job to a career candidate who had the same academic strengths, experience and apparent talent as another, but was physically better looking?” Two thirds of them said yes, and almost 10% said that appearance was their main criteria.

The poll went on further to ask, “Do you think that people who are more attractive make better employees?” Almost 35% said yes. A little over half admitted that they thought “prettier” employees were most likely to have the most confidence in the workplace.

Here are the actual numbers that employers based a candidate’s employability: Job ability 81%, career qualifications 74%, social skills 71%, appearance 67% and hygiene 61%.

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