Do Smokers Have an Unfair Advantage?

25th October 2010

A UK lobby group warns that hiring or employing those workers who smoke is becoming too much trouble." However, the Right to Smoke organisation is outraged, saying business owners are taking advantage of the dismal economy by trying to make it unreasonably difficult for smokers to find, or keep their jobs.

Additionally, The Breckland Council of Norfolk is the latest to jump on the clock off whilst you smoke bandwagon. They are seriously considering banning smoking on the job, or, at the very least, making smokers clock off whilst breaking for a cigarette.

Excluding the slackers that do take extra breaks, what of workers with established careers that only take their allocated time afforded to them? Should they be penalized, their careers be compromised?

Workers cite that nothing is mentioned about those on the job with medical conditions. They want to know about those that take multiple toilet breaks, saying they should have to clock off as well.

It is a fact that UK’s government makes enormous sums of cash from those on the job that smoke through the taxes that they pay.

The Public Sector organisations should possibly think very carefully. Indirectly, smokers pay for part of their salaries and contribute greatly to their funding.

Is there a double standard coming into place for those career smokers?

Moreover, where exactly should this line be drawn? flat fee recruiters for small business