Is There No More Grey in England?

11th October 2010

Is the current economic climate turning the British into worker robots?

The latest key findings revealed that at least six out of ten UK workers depend on a smart black dress, suit and ties with a crisp white shirt when, adding that they feel they need to "dress to impress" in order to fast forward their career within their business environment.

Dr. Corrine Sweet, a popular UK Psychologist said: "Due to the economic climate, this has been one of the toughest years in the last few decades for the job-seeker, as well as for career-established workers. Rivalry has never been so fierce. Therefore, in a bid to stand out amongst co-workers, British workers have opted for 'power dressing' by wearing black and white.

Black and white colours are powerful and solid. Those recruited can display their seriousness, authority, professionalism.

Too many of those career-minded folks, it seems logical. The idea seems to be akin to wearing a school uniform. Dressing alike, in a very straight, specific manner promotes sameness and equality among new recruits.

Indeed, there would be no discussion of what he or she has on, once more putting the focus on getting the job done.

Nevertheless, is individuality to become a thing of the past? In the future, will the only sound that is heard, be the steady drone of the worker bee? are Flat Fee Recruitment Specialists