Prisoners Likely to Begin to Pay Back Victim's Families

11th October 2010

Ken Clarke, the Justice Secretary over the prisoners in Wales and England is calling for convicts to have real jobs while they are incarcerated doing their time. He wants them to begin working a regular, daily 40-hour week.

Recently, Clark spoke in Birmingham in front of the Conservative Party conference. He urged the Government to start the expansion of several industries within the prison in the next two years.

These new programmes will ultimately force able-bodied inmates to keep full time jobs, instead of spending their time watching the telly, becoming restless or getting into mischief.

The prisoners will be paid minimum wages; however, a small percentage of their earnings will go to their victims.

Clark believes that they have a tendency to be sluggish and bored; therefore, the benefits would far outweigh any foreseeable problems with the programme.

Benefits include teaching the offenders a career (or new skills) and also to the community and not to mention to the victim’s family.

Officials are aware that the move to provide jobs to those in jail cannot be recruited at the expense of local businesses, organisations or to the private sector.

Some believe the inmates should give up all of their wages. Moreover, it is a major concern to those that have been without employment, and to those that have recently graduated from university, hoping to find a job within their niche. – Online Recruitment