Want a side of "Wink" with Your Pizza?

25th October 2010

The next time you go for a pizza, you may be getting more than extra cheese on your food.

The Pizza Express waiters and waitresses in Richmond are now being trained to dish out the art of flirting, along with conversational tips and tricks.

Pizza Express has brought in The Dialogue Project, which is a professional service that helps people with jobs in the service industry with their interactional skills. They want them to get “friendlier” whilst on the job.

The idea is to help patrons to be more relaxed at lunch, but some are not that comfortable with this notion, fearing that the distinction of the “flirty” line may become blurred. Nevertheless, should a waiter’s job consist of anything other than being friendly and professional?

Moreover, would some customers resent the flirtation, however subtly it is offered?

Might a server’s career be compromised, should a customer misunderstand and think they are being “come on” to? In addition, is two days of training to learn how to flirt and make diners feel relaxed even possible?

Most of the servers are being highly vocal about this added job requirement, saying that they think it may lead to a huge assortment of unnecessary problems.

The recruited servers feel that if this becomes a continuing trend, it could cook up a recipe for disaster for those with jobs in the service oriented businesses.

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