Would You Disclose a Minor Offence to Land a Job?

16th October 2010

It is probably a fair statement to say that if an employer were given the choice of offering a job to a potential candidate with a spotless record, to that of an equally talented ex-offender, he would likely go with the person who has not been in trouble with the law.

In fact, more than 55% employers will not recruit an applicant who has disclosed their convictions to them, even if their arrest had nothing to do with the job itself, such as an alcohol related crime. However, almost 20% of the UK has an adult conviction on their record.

Why should he recruit a known criminal when he has the choice?

Because it is called discrimination and many ex-offenders are rallying against this attitude. Their complaint is that they have served their time, but can never hope to redeem themselves by getting a new career. They claim they are thereby setting themselves up to recommit.

The problem is, there is virtually no way to prove discrimination. They may know they are the more qualified for the job, but cannot prove that by being honest about their crime is why they were passed over.

Obviously, owners have the right to exercise their freedom to protect their businesses in any way they see fit. However, many feel pressured and state, “It is unfair to the shop owner. Soon the lunatics will be taking over the asylum."

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