Job Seekers Should Strike Whilst the Iron is Hot!

30th November 2010 – Leading online recruitment agency.

The combined results (nearly 75%) taken from temporary recruitment labour agencies across the UK predict a shortage of workers needed to fill seasonal jobs in retail, but most especially in the healthcare and logistics sector.

The logistics sector, care field and retail are becoming increasingly anxious, wondering why some recruitment agencies are struggling during the busiest months of the year when unemployment figures are so high. Filling temporary jobs during the festive season in the UK is an integral part of the year.

Why do people perhaps overlook what could be lucrative temporary recruitment?

Many long-term career recruitment workers think that some people cite discrimination and therefore, do not apply. Some potential jobs are unfilled because people are under the mistaken impression that they do not have the same rights as those hired by normal means.

However, In October 2010, the government confirmed that there would not be any changes regarding the Agency Workers Regulations bill, coming into play in 2011. It affords temporary labour exactly the same rights as other workers not hired through recruitment agencies, including “permanent” job status after one year on the job.

Recruitment agencies encourage people to take heart about the current economic strife and hope people take advantage of the window of career opportunity. Not only is there the distinct possibility that these jobs will become permanent, benefits are part of the package.