Larger Women Get Hit with More prejudice on the Job

11th November 2010

A new study brings it home with the reality that thinner women on the job market make larger salaries than obese women. It is becoming clear how dearly they pay.

It would seem that life is infinitely easier for the lean. For some employers, weight distaste runs deep in their psyche.

There are three strikes against your curvier women counterparts on the job in today’s marketplace.

Strike one: It’s harder to climb the career ladder. The General Accounting Office reported that approximately 35% of women are in job management. The study claimed that some powerful men promoted skinnier, more attractive recruits if they had their druthers.

Furthermore, men in less influential roles felt that beautiful females used their looks to climb the ladder. Larger ladies are not taken as serious and are passed over for leadership job opportunities.

Strike two: They make skinnier job salaries, about 6%, according to Rebecca Puhl, Rudd Centre for Food and Obesity Policy. Yet, thinner recruits are paid more for doing the exact job. Per Puhl, “The wage penalty has been consistently documented. What's new is that males don't take nearly the hit.”

Strike three: Larger women are given less career respect, citing that they expect to be treating decently, but oftentimes their opinions are not given as much “weight” as they are when coming from someone of an average body style. – The Online Recruitment Agency