Men's Career Boats May Flood, but Women's Boats Remain Dry-Docked

13th November 2010

Women in the UK are not the only ones who deal daily with discrimination career issues.

The newly recruited Republican, John Boehner openly wept during his victory speech. Not a negative word was uttered regarding this.

Many American women went on camera to say, “If a woman on the job had expressed her feelings in such a manner, the pundits be sounding off the alarms. Moreover, had it been a woman, wouldn’t the words “mental stability” and “hormones” been bandied about?”

They went on to say, “When Hillary Clinton ran for the presidential nomination, she bravely fought back the tears. The media carried on about that for days, speculating whether she was emotionally ready to handle such a huge leadership career role.”

It seems women all around the world are in the proverbial “double standard” boat together.

Yet, the same behavior by a man raised very few eyebrows.

Is there an unconscious, subtle bias that is still being weaved into all cultures of every country?

Obviously, women have come a long way, baby…but it may still be paradoxically tougher to prove, much less fight, than the “in-your-face” old sexism of days gone by.

How can women expect to do well on their jobs and fight the huge elephant in the room when no one will even admit there is one? – Flat fee recruitment in the UK